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Re: [Nbd] Large (> 2TB) NBD devices?

On Tue, Oct 23, 2007 at 06:45:25PM +0200, Peter Daum wrote:
> Is it possible to use NBD on devices > 2TB?
> I don't see anything about it in the documentation.
> When I export a larger device, the nbd client process
> prints the usual Negotiation: ..size = xxx and then
> silently exits (Large File Support is on, the kernel
> is compiled with CONFIG_LBD).

In theory, it should be possible; the protocol works with 64bit file
offsets everywhere, so it is able to handle files of up to 2^64 in size.

In practice, I've never really tested it. When I try to run
nbd-tester-client against an nbd-server that exports two files of 1.5T
using the multifile option, that works; so it would appear that any
failure would be caused by something else than the server. I don't think
I can pinpoint it, though.

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