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Re: [Nbd] cdaudio

On 9/23/07, Roy Keene <nbd@...51...> wrote:
> It should be playable as a "digital audio" CD device (which is read as a
> block device), but not as an "analog audio" CD device (which relies on the
> drive to pipe audio to a special audio port directly on the CD-ROM drive)

Hey Roy, I tried that (had that set as default on XMMS and kscd), also
tried analog, neither worked. The players couldn't see a disc. The
server version is 2.9.7, the client version is 2.8.7, forgot to
mention that. Syslog shows the client connecting fine to the server, I
was successful in exporting hda8, dirs, and a test file created with
dd. Anything else I can check? Syslog reported nothing when trying to
use nbd0 as device for cd audio.

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