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Re: [Nbd] cdaudio

It should be playable as a "digital audio" CD device (which is read as a block device), but not as an "analog audio" CD device (which relies on the drive to pipe audio to a special audio port directly on the CD-ROM drive)

XMMS should be able to do it (but "digital audio" is not the default option), not sure about the others.

On Sun, 23 Sep 2007, R Dicaire wrote:

After searching through listmail archives and the web, I could find no
definitive answer.
Is it possible to export a cdrom device with an audio cd in it for use
with a remote player configured to use the nbd client device

I was able to export one, but no player I tried seemed to find a cd in
the exported drive (I'd had Steve Vai's Fire Garden disc in). I tried
xmms, grip, and kscd.

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