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[Nbd] mbd.h not found


I am trying to compile nbd-2.8.5 using a 2.6.9 Kernel in RedHat AS 4. While 
running configure I get the message:

checking where to find a working nbd.h... configure: error: Could not find an 
nbd.h from kernel 2.6 or above.

The nbd.h is located at /usr/include/linux/ndb.h. I tried 
./configure --oldincludedir=/usr/include
./configure --oldincludedir=/usr/include/linux/
but both resulted in the same error. Searching the Web I did not find anything 
and there seems to be no mailing archive I can have a look in.

Can anybody tell me what I have to do?


Sascha Effert
Tel.:(0177) 6266652

Being evil means it can be christmas every day.

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