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[Nbd] NBD swap Help!


I am trying to swap over nbd (Version: 2.8.3). Linux kernel version: 2.6.12

Server serves a RAMDisk file(/dev/ram0) as the swap space and client
connects. Once I do a mkswap /dev/nbd0 in the client side the command
doesnt get back the prompt!

 Is kernel patch req. for 2.6 kernel? Where is it available? Googling
didnt help!

Server:~# mkswap /dev/ram0
Setting up swapspace version 1, size = 67104 kB
no label, UUID=7fe755b6-3cf8-4e8b-bffe-7ef303611c11
Server:~# nbd-server 1077 /dev/ram0

Client:~# modprobe nbd
Client:~# nbd-client server 1077 /dev/nbd0 -swap
Client:~# mkswap /dev/nbd0

---- doesnt get the prompt back

What am i missing?



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