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[Nbd] Swapping over Nbd


...I've googled for two hours about using nbd as a network swap solution for low-memory thinclients... (I'm a developer of the thinstation.sf.net project), but there is some unanswered questions:

- How reliable is it?

- At the current state of development, do I need to patch the kernel or not?

- If yes, where can I find the patch? Which kernel version are supported? Is it actively supported? Only 2.4.x branch or 2.6.x also?

- nbd-server: how can I serve a different swap file for every thinclient of a network? Is there a different solution than having a nbd-server waiting at a different port for each thinclients?

Thank for the attention, and bye!

Paolo Salvan
X v i s i o n
Via Vigonovese 123A
35127 - Padova - Italy
+39 049 8709427 tel
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