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Updated vsx-pcts and lsb-os source test suites

I have uploaded updated vsx-pcts ( and lsb-os ( test
suites to:


Changes include:

- Adds LSB_TEST mode to vsx-pcts test suite. When in this mode
  tests expect LSB spec behaviour rather than straight POSIX

- /tset/ANSI.os/maths/pow/T.pow 8
  Passes in LSB_TEST mode

- /tset/POSIX.os/files/unlink/T.unlink 19   
  The next version of the suite should allow this to PASS,
  as per the specauth we will allow either EISDIR or EPERM
  again based on the LSB_TEST variable being set 

- /tset/POSIX.os/procenv/sysconf/sysconf 3
  - Under LSB_TEST mode warns about missing obsolescent CLK_TCK


-- LSB.os/genuts/syslog_L 5 6 7
   Fixed by adjusting setlogmask to allow logging of messages
   at priority LOG_INFO. Tests should now pass

- /tset/LSB.os/jump/makecontext/T.makecontext 1,2,3
  adds creation of stack to context. All these tests should now pass

- LSB.os/time/strptime/T.strptime 3
  instead of special behaviour under linux, support it under LSB_TEST mode

IBM OzLabs Linux Development Group
Canberra, Australia

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