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FAQ for lsb-runtime-test


Is there a FAQ for the lsb-runtime-test? If not, maybe we should
collect the usual problems and make one?

The most mistakes I hear from people, who tried to run it on 
SuSE Linux due the last weeks, where:

1. They run it on their workstation with NIS or LDAP enabled.
   As result, some tests for the shadow suite fails and/or the
   "unused UIDs" are in use, so this tests fails, too.

2. The people still use "su - vsx0; run_tests"

3. The persons install at first lsb-runtime-test and then the package,
   which provides "lsb" with all the dependencies. But at this time
   the postinstall script from lsb-runtime-test did already fail and
   it seems, that the locales will not (always?) be regenerated.
   Reinstalling lsb-runtime-test solves the problem.


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