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Re: [Lsb-confcall] Application Battery

"Wichmann, Mats D" wrote:
> Folks, I'm starting to get a little confused about
> which list to post various questions to, we seem
> to have so many lists going on at the same time.
> Maybe somebody could post a "Contributor's Guide
> to Where to Post Your Comments".

Regarding the mail lists.  I agree that it is sometimes confusing.  For the
Application Battery, let's consider it a testing issue and discuss it in
"lsb-test", and expand it to "lsb-confcall" when we need wider input.  Similar
to what is being done here.  :-)


> Anyway,
> In selecting the sample applications that make up
> our "battery" I think we need to think hard about
> what sorts of coverage we can get.  In my ongoing
> quest to compile things under lsbdev, using the
> LSB headers, I keep running across new issue. That's
> exactly what I want to do - try to have shaken out
> every area at lease a bit - but it teaches me:
> - We should try to have a battery which, collectively,
>   link in all the LSB libraries
> - We should also try to get as close as we can to
>   touching all of the headers
> For example, I finally tried something that included
> the compression header (zlib.h), and as a result I've now
> got a bugreport :-{ filed on those. Until now,
> I'd had no evidence that they were not a problem.
> So I think we still need to solicit ideas on what
> the most useful programs would be to include in the
> application battery.

I agree with the goal that you have outlined regarding the Application
Battery's test case coverage; however, in view of the July 1st certification
launch I am mostly concerned about finishing, debugging, and stabalizing what we
have now.

I hereby request for one ore more volunteers to help finish the existing
application battery.  Please contact me directly if you can help with xv, rsync,
or apache.


For post July 1st certification, we need to expand the Application Battery as
Mats has suggested.  I have created a task for this and I'm looking for
volunteers for this as well.


> Mats
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George (gk4)

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