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Re: test suite license terms

hi John
Thanks for your email.

As Mats said we'll look to tidy this up by adding a LICENSE file
to the tree and appropriate symlinks to it.

On Apr 12, 12:18pm in "test suite license t", Porter, John (Contractor) wrote:
> I'd like to know what the terms are under which the test suite (binary)
> is released.  I thought I'd find this info somewhere on the web pages,
> but if it's there, it's pretty well hidden.
> I gather that the Artistic license is relevant, but it's not at all clear
> that it applies to everything in the test suite.  I.e. wouldn't tet and
> the other stuff from Open Group have their own terms?

The terms for all the testsets are currently displayed when you
install the source version. There are various licenses depending on the
components. Those from The Open Group and its partners are under the
Artistic License with some minor modifications. This is the standard Open
Group license which covers the LSB-FHS, VSX-PCTS , VSX-GEN, and LSB-OS,
we came up with this after discussions with the LSB team back in 1998.
A later derivative of that license is now known as The Open Group Test
Suite license which is an OSI approved later version of that license:
TET is under the unmodified Artistic License

> Also, um, I'm not crazy about the fact that I had to actually install the
> package in order to see the license for its use... 
Point taken. We'll add it to the list to cleanup in the next go round

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