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Re: lsb-runtime-test 1.1.6-1

On Tue, 9 Apr 2002, Christopher Yeoh wrote:

> I've uploaded a new lsb-runtime-test binary package to:
> ftp://ftp.freestandards.org/pub/lsb/test_suites/beta/binary/distribution
> - Fixes the tar/cpio testcase setuid script problem. Really.

I'm still seeing the tar failures here:

/tset/POSIX.os/dataform/tar/T.tar 9 FAIL
        "devmajor" field "" is not a zero-filled octal number
        "devminor" field "" is not a zero-filled octal number

/tset/POSIX.os/dataform/tar/T.tar 10 FAIL
                Test Information:
        expected pathname ...
--- snip ---
                67890" was not extracted

/tset/POSIX.os/dataform/tar/T.tar 27 UNRESOLVED
	create utility exited with code 1

Is this the same test-suite problem or something else?

Stew Benedict

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