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Re: lsb-runtime-test 1.1.6-1

I've noticed in upgrading to the latest glibc: glibc-2.2.5-1mdk, that
installing the test suites (including 1.1.4, which was previously
installed fine on a base 8.2 Mandrake install), I get a failure in the
localdefs build:

localedef -c -f lang0.ascii -i lang0.src VSX4L0
localedef  -c -f lang1.ascii -i lang1.src VSX4L1
LC_MONETARY: value of field `int_curr_symbol' does not correspond to a
valid name in ISO 4217
make: *** [VSX4L1] Error 1

Editing the Makefile and adding --quiet allows the build to finish, but I
don't know the ramifications yet (just starting the test run now).

Stew Benedict

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