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Re: lsb-runtime-test (1.1.5-1)

At 2002/4/8 17:27+0200  Thorsten Kukuk writes:
> Could it be that the fix for the cpio/tar/pax scripts, which are in
> the CVS, are still missing in the binary RPM?

Yes. I didn't notice that they got overwritten by another set of
scripts during the build. I'll get a fixed binary out today.

> I still get fails for the cpio/tar test and the scripts do not have
> the "bash -p" header.

This is the "T.cpio 24" and "T.tar 31" tests?  I ran the test suites
before releasing the binaries and oddly enough they passed with the
1.1.5 binary on my machine even with the old scripts.


IBM OzLabs Linux Development Group
Canberra, Australia

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