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T.chroot 4

I'm getting a FIPS on T.chroot 4:

        /tset/LSB.os/procenv/chroot/T.chroot 4  Further Information Provided
                Test Information:
        execve() of ./chroot_t4 failed - errno 2 (ENOENT)

The problem seems to be that the chroot.t4 binary came out dynamically linked
when I built the test suite, and the shared libs arn't in the chroot the test
constructs. In fact if I make a TESTROOT/tset/LSB.os/procenv/chroot/lib and
put libc and ld-linux.so in it, the test succeeds.

I don't know if chroot.t4 is supposed to be linked statically or if this
points to some problem with my system.

see shy jo

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