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Re: lsb-runtime-test (1.1.4-1)

Thanks, one minor comment below related to bug reporting

On Mar 14, 12:26pm in "lsb-runtime-test (1.", Christopher Yeoh wrote:
> I've uploaded a new lsb-runtime-test binary package (formerly known as
> lsb-distribution-test) to:
> ftp://ftp.freestandards.org/pub/lsb/test_suites/beta/binary/distribution

> As usual please send any bugs or comments to lsb-test@linuxbase.org
Discussion welcome directly on lsb-test, for specific bug
reports please use the form at
http://www.linuxbase.org/test/lsb_bugreport.html, which
will then send the message to lsb-test
This will ensure we get all the information we need.

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