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Bug in Other LSB.fhs/root/etc-x11/etc-x11-tc 3 (/etc/X11/Xmodmap mandatory)

The following bug report came in. See section C below.
I'd like this groups response so we can complete section D.
best regards

<---------------part A------------------->
Submitters Name: Joey Hess

Email: joeyh@debian.org

Organization Name:

Computer Type/Model/Operating System:
PII 300, Debian Linux

<---------------part B------------------->

Test Suite/Version:

Test ID: LSB.fhs/root/etc-x11/etc-x11-tc 3

Problem Synopsis: /etc/X11/Xmodmap is currently required, but not all X
installs will use xmodmap

Proposed Reason Code: 1
(1=Fault in Test Suite,
2=Problem in the Specification,
3=Minor fault on system under test)

Error Description:
I'm using lts_lsb-fhs-

        /tset/LSB.fhs/root/etc-x11/etc-x11-tc 3 Failed

                Test Information:
        Reference 3.7.5-3(A)
        The implementation provides the file /etc/X11/Xmodmap
        Note that X11 is mandatory for LSB compliance
        /etc/X11/Xmodmap: file not found
        exit code 1 returned, expected 0


The above should not be a failure. There exist other ways to configure the
keyboard for X, like XKB, or just putting a hard-coded keyboard setup into the
X server. Debian uses xkb by default these days, so we don't provide that file
at all.

When the FHS says that Xmodmap is a file that should be in /etc/X11
it is not requiring that it be in every FHS-compliant distribution. It is
stating where the distirbution should put the file, if it includes it. See
section 1.8 of the FHS:

       Note that an implementation does not need to contain all the files and
       directories specified in this standard to be compliant or compatible.
       Only the files and directories an implementation actually contains need
       to be located appropriately.

Downgrade to a FIP or Warning.

<---------------part C------------------->

Test suite maintainers recommendation:

Originally the assumption was that the X Window system
was mandatory on systems supporting the LSB specification,
and hence this was required(remember that the LSB
Specification can mandate options within the FHS).
Since it seems there are other ways to achieve this capability
in the X Window system we recommend granting a waiver
as  a TEST SUITE DEFICIENCY and changing the test
to a warning in the next release.

<---------------part D------------------->

Free Standards Group decision:


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