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Re: Test suite likes to use "pax" - where is it?

>From: Doug Beattie <dbb@linkexplorer.com>

>I just e-mailed Gerhard directly and included the pax-2.1-1.src.rpm package
>so he could build it.

>Maybe someone else has a latter, or better, version though.

If you include PAX, be sure to test if you don't use a broken version
and first test it against the most common PAX bug desribed in:


(just created this one for Sun to demonstrate them a bug in their
PAX ;-)

>On Tue, Mar 05, 2002 at 02:37:04PM -0500, Gerard Beekmans wrote:
>> Where would one go to download the pax program from?


 EMail:joerg@schily.isdn.cs.tu-berlin.de (home) Jörg Schilling D-13353 Berlin
       js@cs.tu-berlin.de		(uni)  If you don't have iso-8859-1
       schilling@fokus.gmd.de		(work) chars I am J"org Schilling
 URL:  http://www.fokus.gmd.de/usr/schilling   ftp://ftp.fokus.gmd.de/pub/unix

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