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Re: 'DEM ', 'FRF ' no longer valid in int_curr_symbol

Hi Matt
These are made up pseudolanguages loosely based on what was France and
Germany at the time as pseudo real world examples. The tests and these setup
require that the system support user defined locale definitions, there is no
 intentional tie here between these and the real locales for those countries,
If we were to change the locale definitions, much test code that
tests for the user defined currency symbols DEM and FRF
would also need changing. Is there a problem with localedef
that prevents a user defining their own currency symbol?

On Mar 1,  6:03pm in "'DEM ', 'FRF ' no lo", Matt Wilson wrote:
> These now need to be 'EUR ' in LSB.toolspsldefs/*.src.  That should
> continue to work on both older glibc and new (unreleased) glibc.
> Cheers,
> Matt
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