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Re: LSB.os/writev_L 30: path tracing error

hi Thorsten

The main problem with test result resolution right now is that no one has it
as their day job to resolve these:-( A little help below, then
back to the day job...

That usually means the test did not go thru its expected
code path. You need to switch debugging on
to get a path trace out in the ~/TESTROOT/dbug.out file.

tcc -e -s $HOME/scen.exec -v VSX_DBUG_FLAGS=t:d,trace:l,2 -y writev_L -p

or to /dev/tty with

tcc -e -s $HOME/scen.exec -v VSX_DBUG_FLAGS=t:d,trace:l,2 -v
VSX_DBUG_FILE=/dev/tty  -y writev_L -p

Other useful flags to the debugger are:
	VSX_DBUG_FLAGS="t:d:F:P:L"   (process number, source filename
and line number output)


On Feb 3,  7:01pm in "LSB.os/writev_L 30: ", Thorsten Kukuk wrote:
> Hi,
> after fixing glibc, I get this error which looks like a bug in the test
> suite:
> ************************************************************************
> /tset/LSB.os/ioprim/writev_L/T.writev_L 30      Unresolved
>         Test Information:
> path tracing error: path counter 3, expected 4
> ************************************************************************
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