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Re: LSB.os/readv_L 22

On Fri, Feb 01, Thorsten Kukuk wrote:

> Hi,
> >From readv_L 22 test:
>         readv(5, iov, 0) did not behave as expected
>         RETURN VALUES: expected: -1, observed: 0
>         ERRNO VALUES: expected: 22 (EINVAL), observed: 0 (NO ERROR)
> As far as I understand POSIX, readv with count=0 may fail, but must
> not. So the test is wrong.
> I'm right or do we here misread POSIX?

The same for readv_L 23: iovcnt may fail if it is greater than IOV_MAX,
but must not. I think we should waive both tests if our interpretation
is correct.


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