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RE: more candidates for a waiver

I may be reading this the wrong way, but:

> I have some more fails, which are canditates for a waiver:
> /tset/LSB.os/aio/aio_error/T.aio_error 1 FAIL
> /tset/LSB.os/aio/aio_read/T.aio_read 1 FAIL
> /tset/LSB.os/aio/aio_read/T.aio_read 11 FAIL
> /tset/LSB.os/aio/aio_return/T.aio_return 1 FAIL
> /tset/LSB.os/aio/aio_write/T.aio_write 1 FAIL
> /tset/LSB.os/aio/aio_write/T.aio_write 12 FAIL
> I think all aio test cases should be waiver, it depends heavy if you
> have a SMP or non-SMP system, how fast it is and which other processes
> are running ...

This sounds like the behavior of async I/O is unpredictable in
a bad way (influenced by system config and/or load), and it's
proposed that that behavior should be waived?  Reading it that 
way, anyway, I disagree.


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