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Re: Problems Building Test Suite in LSB Development Environment

Hi Marvin,

Marvin Heffler writes:
> 1. Cannot find some commands from the /sbin directory
>      mount -o ro --bind /sbin /var/lib/lsbdev/root/sbin
> 2. Could not install pseudo languages


> The localedef command fails because the POSIX locale cannot be located. The
> locale is in the /usr/share/i18n/locale directory, which is not bind
> mounted by lsbdev. Also, when the pseudolanguages get created, they need to

If you want to configure lsbdev to always include the above
directories in the environment then you can edit 
/etc/lsbdev/extra_mount_dirs.conf and a line like:

/sbin   /sbin

I probably should add /sbin to the list to be included by
default. Perhaps /usr/share/i18n as well, though I'm pretty sure this
is only needed at runtime and you can build the test suites without
having the pseudolanguages installed.

> 3. Cannot make the chmog command from the vtools directory
> The following error messages were generated when trying to make all the
> commands in the /home/tet/test_sets/SRC/common/vtools directory:
> The problem appears to be caused by the mount and umount APIs not being
> present in the stub libraries of lsbdev since they are not defined by the
> LSB. I was not able to work around these problems, so I did not make it any
> further in building and executing the test suite within the lsbdev
> environment. I am not sure, but I think these problems can be overcome by

Thats correct. To build the test suites I've been working around this
by statically linking the interfaces which aren't in the LSB and
dynamically linking the others. You can do this by using ld scripts.
The README file in lsbdev describes how to set this up. With the
latest version of lsbdev (1.0.6) its a addition to lsbdev.conf.

>From memory you'll need to statically link some interfaces from libc,
libpthread and librt. The interfaces which are not in the LSB and
causing the link failures are under consideration for inclusion in the
LSB specification.


IBM OzLabs Linux Development Group
Canberra, Australia

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