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experimental binary test suites


I've put together an experimental binary version of a test suite
(basically vsx-pcts without the header file tests). Its in RPM format
and available at:


- It hasn't been broadly tested yet, so use at your own
  risk. Importantly it may well overwrite existing TET
  installations. It will create a whole lot of users and groups
  on your system.

- A README with instructions is placed in 
  /usr/share/doc/lsb-test on installation.

- It assumes loopback support in the kernel.

- It assumes an LSB compliant system (eg due to command differences
  it won't install on some distros

- It doesn't clean up after itself properly on removal (eg users
  created on install).

- The RPM is big (18Mb) - need to look at seeing if it can
  be trimmed down further.

- There is a source rpm, but currently it assumes that the test
  suites are already built and living in /home/tet. Eventually
  the aim is to generate the whole thing automatically completely
  from a single source RPM.

I'd appreciate any feedback including if you think it should work
differently, make different assumptions etc. There is also a binary
version of the lsb-os test suite which is (hopefully) easier to
install and run than the source based one.



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