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Beta version of new/updated test suites

I have uploaded new beta versions of LSB test suites at:


The README file in that directory contains instructions on how to
install/setup/execute the test suites. This beta contains the
following test suites and the framework needed to run them:

- LSB-FHS (against FHS 2.1)
- VSX-PCTS (POSIX.1-1990)
- VSTH-lite (subset of POSIX threads test suite)

Additions as compared to the last beta release:
- Auto detects glibc 2.1/2.2 and installs the appropriate pseudo
  language files
- fixes PATH problem with losetup which occured on some systems
- adds rerun_tests script which does any test set specific 
  setup before rebuilding/re-running test sets (for use after say a 
  reboot of the test machine)

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