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Running VRPT with VSC511L


I get the following error while trying to use vrpt to generate a report
from VSC511L 's results with the "vrpt journal" comand:

/home/tet/vsc/Bin/vrpt: [:  integer expression expected before -gt
vrpt :   must specify at least one input file

I am at /home/tet/vsc/results/0002bec directory where journal resides.  I
even make sure that journal is qualified with rw permissions and
/home/tet/vsc/Bin is included in PATH.  I looked a journal and there are
data in it.  I get the same error when using vrpt without any arguement.  I
don't know whatelse I need to do for vrpt to work.  Please help.

Andrew Pham

Andrew H. Pham
IBM Linux Technology Center
Voice:   (512)838-9473    T/L 678-9473

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