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Help wanted -further tests needed


I'm looking for volunteers to develop tests for the LSB.  I attach a
description of possible work items, we can split some of them further.

Our process is as follows: identify the specification
for an interface, develop a set of assertions, then
develop tests for the interface under our framework.

If you are interested in volunteering to pick up one
of these items, or even a subpart, please let me know

best regards

Work Packages:

Additional Test Coverage : This set of work packages is for development of
new tests for the interfaces that we do not presently have test
coverage for.  The Table references are for the 0.2pre specification
from the LSB web site.

WP1. Table 10-1 libc - New tests will need to be written to check for the
existence of libc, its location, development name and the header location.

WP2. Table 10-2 System Calls

[4]: acct, fstatfs, initgroups, setegid, seteuid, statfs, wait

WP3.Table 10-3 Mangled Symbol Names - new tests will need to be written
for these symbols.

WP4.Table 10-5 Signal Handling

Items marked [4]: sigaltstack, sigandset, sigblock, siggetmask, sigorset,
sigreturn, sigsetmask, sigvec, sigwaitinfo

WP5.Table 10-9 RPC Interfaces NO Coverage (108 functions)

WP6.Table 10-11 String functions

Items marked [4]: strerror_r, strfry, strndup, strnlen, strsep, strsignal,
strtof, stroimax, strtoull, strtoumax, strtouq, strverscmp

WP7.Table 10-13 Regular Expressions

Items marked [4]: res_init, rexec, re_compile_fastmap,
re_match, re_match_2, re_search_2 re_set_registers, re_set_syntax

WP8.Table 10-16 Terminal Interface functions

[4]: cfsetspeed

WP9.Table 10-17 System Database functions

[4] endaliasent, endfsent, endmntent, endnetgrent, endrpcent,
endspent, endttyent, endutent, endutxent, ether_aton, ether_hostton,
ether_line, ether_ntoa, ether_ntoa_r, ether_ntohost, fgetgrent, fgetspent,
getaliasbyname, getaliasent, getfsent, getgrgid_r, getgrnam_r, getmntent,
getnetgrent, getwpnam_r, getpwuid_r, getrpcbyname, getrpcbynumber,
getrpcent, getrpcport, getspent, getspnam, gettyent, setaliasent,
setfsent, setmntent, setspent,settyent

WP10.Table 10-19 Data Symbols

rexecptions, rpc_createrr, svcauthdes_stats, re_max_failures, svc_fdset

WP11.Table 10-20 LeftOvers

_deregister_frame_info, __libc_start_main, __register_frame_info)

WP12. Table 10-21 Leftover Mangled Symbols NO TEST COVERAGE

Andrew Josey
Email: a.josey@opengroup.org

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