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Re: Resolutions to comments on LSB-FHS-TS_SPEC_V1.0

> On Mon, 25 Jan 1999, Theodore Y. Ts'o wrote:
> > If we must back out /var/mail (for no good technical reason that I can
> > determine), then at the very least I think we should state that there
> > that for all compliant distributions, /var/mail *MUST* be a valid way of
> > reaching the spool directory (i.e., there should be a symlink there, or
> > where the spool directory actually lives)
> If you include this change, will using ~/Mailbox violate the FHS?  Does
> it already?  Should it?  Should we require symlinks from
> /var/mail/$USER to ~$USER/Mailbox?
> Switching a single one-user system to ~/Mailbox is easy, btw.
> Switching a single multi-user system to ~/Mailbox is likely to cause a
> certain amount of pain.  Distributing applications to millions of
> people, some of whom use one convention, and some of whom use another,
> is surely asking for trouble.

~/Mailbox systems are inherently local-setup anyway; they're going to
need their own applications, unless they have the symlinks (I think
there are special daemons to create link farms like that using a
virtual NFS server.)


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