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Re: Resolutions to comments on LSB-FHS-TS_SPEC_V1.0

> @ 3.1-29, /bin/setserial
> /bin/setserial: I believe this should be a configuration option.
> setserial is normally used during the boot process to set the speed on
> a serial port, if it exists.  On a system with no standard serial
> ports, this is not useful.  Example: Extreme Linux, which is designed
> for clustering.
> Reviewer Response:
> [Reject - The FHS 2.0 spec requires /sbin/setserial to be available on
> all conforming systems]

The FHS is faulty. The FHS should be fixed. There is no setserial program
for many non X86 plaforms. This is an FHS bug. 

> Reviewer Reponse:
> [This would seem to be a problem in the FHS2.0. We should suggest
> a change there and then incorporate this on an architecture basis
> as suggested.]

LILO and thus lilo.conf is optional even on x86. Some people use other
boot tools. I guess the FHS should be revised to say if present it must
be at ..

> @ 3.6.2 /lib/modules
> Reviewer Response:
> [Reject - Your set of criterion for rejection are insufficient.

Comment: /lib/modules should exist. Nothing says it cannot be empty.

> Reviewer Response:
> [Reject - Debian packages the cpp program separate from gcc, "to provide the
> preprocessor for packages that don't need the compiler".

[Red Hat 'raw hide' does the same]

> @ 4.5.2 sendmail
> /usr/lib/sendmail: choice of MTA should be properly
> system-dependent, and this will be of no use on systems using qmail or
> the like to process mail.  Better would be to require /bin/mail to
> inject mail into the system, I think.
> Reviewer Response:
> []

Nothing in the FHS says "/usr/lib/sendmail" is required to be Sendmail 8.x
Any mailer can provide a compatible binary interface for this. Exim for
example and Smail do.

> @ 5.13 /var/yp
> NIS: should be optional (along with /var/yp).  If NIS is to be
> present at all, there are issues to consider:
> a) What level of support (NIS vs. NIS+).
> b) What commands shall be supported (ypbind, ypwhich, ypcat, ypmatch).
> Reviewer Response:
> []

Definitely a good point. NIS is also a dying monstrosity. glibc makes
this even more complex with glibc 2.0.10x since it supports stuff like
hesiod and there are add ons for LDAP.

> @ 6.1.4 /sbin/lilo
> /sbin/lilo (and other lilo machinery) should perhaps be left up to
> the system.
> Reviewer Response:
> [reject - the FHS2.0 spec mandates its presense]

FHS seems flawed

> @ 6.1.6-1
> /usr/src/linux (should be required only in conjunction with a C
> compiler).
> Reviewer Response:
> []

Perl and other programs have tools that parse system includes. It isnt likely
you would use them without a C compiler but it is possible. Consider things
like commercial C++ compilers, modula-2 etc


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