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@ /etc 

The directory /usr/etc has been removed. There should be a central
place to store system-wide configuration files. Some files in /etc may
be host specific (/etc/X11/XFConfig ), others might be system-wide,
like /etc/profile. The reason for implementing /etc is to have
configuration files in a central place. The same reasoning should also
say that there be a place for system-wide configuration files.
This problem comes up when /usr is remotely mounted, then the process
of distributing just the non-host-specific, system-wide configuration
files is very difficult.
I assume that the assumption is that distribution-specific
configuration files will be stored in their respective /usr/lib
subdirectories. This stilll leaves no place for site specific,
system-wide configuartion files.

find a place to store system-wide configuration files, for example
under a /etc/usr hierarchy

Michael Lachmann

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