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Status update on testing.

The following is a report on the status of the testing efforts for the LSB.
The testing effort is still in the rudimentary stages of organization, and
will depend on the decissions of the other groups before more solid work can
be started.

As the "Technical Lead" on testing, I am currently working on the
NIST-PCTS (National Institute of Standards and Technology - POSIX
Compliance Test Suite). The principle help this test suite will provide is
functionality testing of all the POSIX requirements for library functions.
I am currently trying to figure out how to isolate that portion of the
test suite for integration with the other LSB tests. Since testing library
function calls is the toughest part of the testing problem, I chose to
begin with that, so everything else will look easy.

>From the little that I have heard, the other members of the committee are
working on their own areas of the problem, and are probably no more ready
to talk about any "achievements" than I am. I'm sure that once some of
these individual endeavors start to bear fruit, we will hear much more
traffic on the linuxbase mailing lists.

Now I'm going to shamelessly beg for help from the audience ;-)

There are several areas that I am involved with that have nothing directly
to do with testing. The one that I am most ignorant about at the moment is
the issue of "library naming conventions".

I am particularly interested in hearing from folks with experience in both
RedHat systems and Debian systems, who can tell me about the differences
between the two systems use of libraries. Specific examples of conflicts
between the two systems that make a program work on one and not the other,
are what I am most interested in. I must confess that as a long time
Debian developer, I have not had the time or resources to go looking at
all the rest of the distributions. In fact my primary interest in working
on this committee was to learn more about the various dialects of Linux.

So, if you can teach me something about shared libraries and the
differences in their use by various distributions, I will make a more
effective committee member. Contact me, either in private e-mail or via
this mailing list. I will feed everything that I learn back to the list at
some point.


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