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Re: Spec status

Stuart Anderson <anderson@metrolink.com> writes:

> Please make comments on both the framework itself, and specific contents of
> the document. There are several sections that someone will need to write,
> probably from scratch.

The framework looks good, a few comments:

I think we should leave out the "Package Format" section for now.  A
few reasons:

  - Many ISVs use "tar" or custom package formats (Oracle is a good

  - Red Hat and Debian are working together on this issue

    This is such a sticky issue, waiting until they've made some
    progress (it will not be ready for LSB 1.0) will make things go
    much easier for us.

We might also want to wait until a suitably large number of ISVs
request a standard package format.  It may be that we need to provide
some of the mechanisms, but I'd like to wait until more ISVs are
involved.  (I'm working on it.)


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