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Public review of new and updated LSB specification drafts

The v1.2-draft gLSB and archLSB-IA32 written specifications for Linux will be 
published on the web Monday June 3rd for a two week public review.  The Linux 
community is invited to comment by Monday June 17th.  



In addition, the LSB is introducing the architecture specification for 32-bit
PowerPC.  The archLSB-PPC32 preliminary review will be in conjunction with the
gLSB and archLSB-IA32 update reviews.


Once adopted by the Free Standards Group, the LSB v1.2 will be the foundation 
for LSB Certification that will begin on Monday July 1st.  We anticipate there 
being LSB certified rutime environments available by the end of this summer.

As always, your contributions are welcomed.

George Kraft IV
LSB Chairman

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