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Free Standards Group license policy comment period

I am pleased to announce the public comment period for the Free
Standards Group Specification License Policy.  The public comment period
extends from Fri May 10 14:00 (PDT) to May 24 22:00 (PDT).

After the public comment period ends and any revisions have been made,
the policy will be submitted to be the Free Standards Group board of
directors for adoption.

Document to be Reviewed

The 2002-05-10 draft of the license policy is located at:



The goals for the license policy are also located at:


The legal-policy mailing list archive is located at:


Public Review Comment Instructions

To avoid unnecessary effort, please do not send formal comments unless
they are for the license-draft.txt document.

Please use the Aardvark Comment Format located at:


Submit comments via email to <legal-policy@freestandards.org>.

Wherever possible, please supply replacement wording.  Simply saying
that "this is wrong" or "this is badly phrased" is not helpful.

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