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Re: C++ ...

Havoc Pennington wrote:

Chris Lawrence <lawrencc@debian.org> writes:

If the LSB does define additional libraries, it might be worthwhile to
bundle them in optional subparts of the LSB.  For example, if GNOME 2
were defined in the LSB, packages requiring GNOME 2 might depend on
lsb-gnome2.  Similarly, KDE 3 might be fulfilled by lsb-kde3 on an
LSB-compliant system.

My concern is that the LSB not get overloaded with superfluous
facilities.  So far, it has been a reasonable subset (although the
inclusion of the X libraries in the core standard may be a little on
the way to bloat), but adding every free toolkit out there to it will
lead to massive bloat {Debian's lsb package already pulls in a large
number of packages as it is, without pulling in all of GNOME and KDE
too} unless some sort of modularization is pursued.

As a random note, adding libgnome* and libkde* would be a Bad Idea - I
think only the base toolkits (GTK and Qt) should be considered for the
immediate future at least (1-2 years).


This is right. However, 1-2 years I suppose is a lot of time.

Following Matt considerations ...


The solution to the C++ problem is for vendors to adopt
soon-to-be-released GCC 3.1 as their system compiler.  The LSB will be
adopting "The V3 multi-vendor standard C++ ABI" that GCC 3.1


The discussion to includes Qt will start when GNU GCC 3.1 will be released.

In accord to GNU GCC snapshots ...


gcc 3.1 will be released in days ... or some week. (Latest snapshot was yesterday)

Then will be the turn for testing Qt 3.0 (of course).

As I introduce before ... OpenMotif is there and may be tested also when gcc 3.1 is released


About libgnome* ... I don't know.

About GNOME we have about 1,000 applications released with Gtk(1) ... and some of this are usefull: GIMP

In Madrid, last year I speak call FTX = OpenMotif + Qt + Gtk.

What about?



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