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Re: C++ ...

Gael Duval wrote:


Matt Wilson wrote:

On Mon, Apr 22, 2002 at 06:29:07PM +0200, Gael Duval wrote:

If you're talking about including KDE in the LSB, yes - this lack of
C++ ABI stability will block any C++ library from being included in
the LSB.

If I understand correctly, since most Linux distros ship with KDE libs, an exception here would be extremely helpful for all.

What kind of exception?  There is no way to guarantee that libkde*.so
on one distribution will have the same ABI on one distribution versus
another.  Only after all distributions have a consistent C++ ABI can
we standardize on anything that uses C++...

I know we're talking about standardizatoin, on the technical side. Anyway, one thing is IMHO very bad for Linux, it's the KDE/GNOME fratricid wars. I was very happy they didn't happen anymore for months. Now I'm afraid we have here the germs for a new one, or please explain me.

Well. There are no germs.

The question is to offer standards ...

Standards ... you know ...starting from the "C++ immaturity or inconsistency ..."

About the germs ... may be usefull send a very high number of atomic bombs ... so the germs ... would be evaporated!

If you want to participate ... you can ... in a constructive mode ... to transform wars (also between germs) in a stable plasma.

Have fun,

    Gaël Duval.


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