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Re: C++ ...

Wichmann, Mats D wrote:

   I want to understand why the specific said: "C++ immature" ...


   Would KDE be excluded based on this immaturity ?


Any C++ app is problematic today.

This went somewhat off-topic, but head over here for more
on the C++ issue:


Good. However may be interestinh know "why they be problematic" ...

Probably, I understand why Qt is "Blocked"

I also see here OpenMotif that is around more than eleven years.

I personally wrote programs in OSF/Motif 1.0 and 1.1 between 1989 and 1991 ...

I suppose that "would be great" to write the specific for OpenMotif like a logical next step in:

Graphic Library:


However, without to discard Qt ... I feel more performance from KDE than any other GUI.

In particular the "objprelink" double the performance on C++ and Qt, in the last six months, using the objprelink.

I publish a copy here: http://www.FutureTG.com/Conferences/ObjPrelink/howto.html

I think that this is a real "GREAT" problem, because if KDE or C++ creates problems and would be discarded ... may be interesting to re-write all the KDE efforts from Motif Libraries.

... This will solve the problem on C terms ... with same results ... performance is another issue.

or, more generally:


Next-generation features are generally going to be worked
through first in lsb-futures before migrating to the main
LSB workgroup. There's an lsb-futures mailing list (reference
from www.linuxbase.org/lists.html)

You'll notice there's an issue with Qt that relates to
KDE, and that's the dual-license topic (essentially, GPL
or commercial, where the LSB has preferred to include
libraries that followed the LGPL model).

Well, Qt is also GPL .... They have a QPL "special" license.

 We'd be interested
in more feedback on how big an issue that is... currently
Qt is listed as "blocked" until that question is worked

We ... need to speak about this matter ... and we in feedback with OpenGroup may really solve
this "GUI" problem.

The question continues to be: Why C++ is problematic ... May be solved ... Is Qt problematic... etc.

In true, Qt is a "genial" Xt and Motif C++ encapsulation. ... Adopted by KDE guys ... Is they are wrong
this must be solved ... or discarded.

Is they are right ... must be adapted.

A license is a secondary problem ...



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