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Re: FHS reqts on Applications

On Wed, 17 Apr 2002, Alan Cox wrote:

> > "An LSB conforming application must adhere to the FHS2.2"
> >
> > to make it plain that they are expected to adhere to the
> > requirements for applications within FHS 2.2 , use of /opt
> > and placement of application files.
> >
> > comments?
> There are real world situations where the the FHS 2.2 has to be treated as
> advisory. Eg there are many large web set ups where its view point on where
> to stick web pages simply isnt appropriate. People know that the FHS authors
> expect the FHS to be violated in such areas when appropriate and you need
> to be careful that its not an absolute rule

Could this be generalized to a statement that allows certain concession to
local administration policies? Would it be OK to allow an app to read from
a broader area than it is allowed to write?


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