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LSB workgroup meeting on January 29th in New York city?

We had attempted to plan an LSB workgroup meeting for this week in Ft
Lauderdale, FL; however, there was not enough interest or ability to travel.

We would like to have an LSB workgroup meeting on Jan. 29th, 2002 before LWE in
New York city.   I would like us to discuss / work on:

1) LSB Conformance/Certification/Compliance
2) LSB Test Suites
3) LSB gLSB and psLSBs
4) LSB Build Environment
5) LSB Sample Implementation
6) LSB Packaging
7) LSB 2002/2003 direction


Please repond just to lsb-discuss@lists.linuxbase.org  I would like to know:

a) yes, I can attend
b) no, I cannot attend
c) no, I cannot attend because... (travel restrictions, location, 
   the agenda is lame...)


George (gk4)

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