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Re: Task 41747: new ELF special sections

On Fri, 16 Nov 2001, Jakub Jelinek wrote:

> Though if you want to list them somewhere, .rodata.* might be more
> appropriate.
> It is actually .rodata.strM.N where M is size of character in the string
> and N is alignment in bytes, so e.g. for L"abc" it might as well be
> .rodata.str4.4
> .rodata.cstN is for fixed size readonly constants N bytes in size (and
> aligned to the same size).

Thanks! this is the kind of details we need.

> BTW: more and more such sections will be added as times goes, but must of
> them are in relocatable objects only. Shouldn't LSB just speak about
> sections present in ET_EXEC/ET_DYN objects?

Good point. This may simplify things for the LSB, but it would still be nice
if documentation on these things were earier to find.


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