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China Paper

Dear sir, madam,

We are supplying multifarious paper, for example folloeing:

1. Kraft paper
   kraft paperboard
2. Newsprint
3. Duplicating paper
4. Copperplate paper
   Copperplate paperboard
   waterproof Copperplate paper
5. Paperboard
6. Books paper
7. Cellophane
8. CCK pare (Clay CoaTed Kraft Paper)

We have good qualities We would like to sell above products 
with competitive prices. If you want to order above products,
we will give you best prices, Kindly contact me.

Best regards.

Mr. Long Tan  ( Satrap )
Chunpai Wood Manufactory
Address: No. 229 Rongshan Road, Lingui, Guilin, China
Tel: +86-773-5592687
Fax: +86-773-5592687
E-mail: chunpai@public.glptt.gx.cn 
Postalcode: 541100

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