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Re: Task 35905: LSB Application Battery

On Thu, Sep 27, 2001 at 03:30:43PM +1000, Christopher Yeoh wrote:
> I think this is a good idea. Having the source openly available will
> make it much easier to debug the initial problems with implementations
> as well as the building of the apps. To help with the testing of the

OK, I've come up with a list of applications which might make a good
target as a test application battery.

We need to test the following shared libraries:
libc, libm, libpthread, libdl, libcrypt, librt, libutil (glibc)
libX11, libXext, libXt, libSM, libICE (X11)

The target applications should be completely free, and relatively well
used or easy to use for easy testing of behavior. We might even be
able to maintain an 'official' lsb version of some of them just for

I'd recommend starting with the following: (these use more than the
libraries and functions listed, but were picked to test specific things)

Apache (init scripts)
Mozilla (X11, will statically compile gtk)
rsync (libz, also we have a willing maintainer)
mtr (ncurses)
tuxracer (libGL, runs about one frame per 3 seconds on my laptop)

Additionally, it would be _great_ if others wanted to volunteer their
software for a test battery. Comments on making one out of the above
five programs (or at least attempting to)?


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