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Re: [Lsb-CommonPackaging] URGENT Proposal: Package naming schemes

schilling@fokus.gmd.de wrote:
> >From: Albert den Haan <albertd@corel.com>
> >I proposed at one time that the LANANA (make sure that term ends up in
> >the glossary!) assigned name also be the packages installation directory
> >under /opt/<pkgname> with its sub directories under packager control.  I
> >don't remember hearing of any problems, so we should go with that too.
> >What was the word on where configuration files of such package should
> >go?  /opt/<pkg>/etc?
> The global config goes to /opt/<pkg>/etc (note that /opt may be exported via NFS)
> a local config goes to /etc/opt/<pkg>/

*That* I can live with!   

Has any default vs. overriding file instance discussion happened yet? 
For example: "If possible, the settings in /opt/<pkg>/etc will be
defaults while any settings in the corresponding files in
/etc/opt/<pkg>/ will take precedence and override the defaults."   I
know this is a pain to code the first time, but administrators of sites
who do export/import /opt will thank us for the effort.


Albert den Haan, Software Developer @ Corel Corporation
albertd@corel.com (613) 728-0826 x5318

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