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LSB Status from the Committee Chairman


I would like everyone to be aware of the recent LSB activities and
objectives.  During the past few LSB telephone conferences we have 
been planning the release of LSB v1.0!  Below is our current list
of milestones and their targeted dates.

+ 5/7  Thirty day LSB v0.9x public & final review 
+ 5/25 Present LSB test/cert. plan to the FSG board 
+ 6/7  LSB v0.9 public review ends 
+ 6/13 FSG board  approval for immediate release of LSB v1.0 
+ 6/13 LSB v1.0 release 
  - LSB v1.0 written specification 
  - LSB v1.0 lsbappchk, lsblibchk, lsb_release 
+ 6/30 LSB v1.0 2Q2001 hard stop 
+ 8/27 (or 28th) LinuxWorld press release (LSB, Distros, ISVs, Customers)

As of today, we have four minor action items to be completed before we can
begin the 30 day LSB v0.9 public review.

+ Stuart Anderson to finish the headers [task 27942] 
+ George Kraft to finish "How to Use this Standard" 
+ Kevin Caunt & Andy Pham to finish the last four SGML man pages [task 16358] 
+ Dan Quinlan to release the FHS v2.2 or the LSB revert back to FHSv2.1 


The LSB has over SIX HUNDRED subscribed readers.  This is the moment that 
you all have been waiting for and we need your help to make the final step.
The LSB needs you to make the following a high priority...

1) Online review the LSB written specification and give your feedback 
   regarding errors, ommisions, and quality.


2) Install and test the LSB Application Checker (lsbappchk).  This tool is
   an exact match of the LSB specification.  When the lsbappchk outputs APIs
   that are being used but not in the LSB, then is this an error or ommision 
   in your application or the LSB specification?


This is your final opportunity to impact the quality of the LSB before it 
goes golden!  Bottom line is that we need you to take a last look at it and 
give it your blessing.


PS: This information is for LSB email subscribers.  Please do not post or
    forward this note to the media.  There will be a time and a place for 
    that.  Thanks.

George Kraft IV
Linux Standard Base

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