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Re: Specification v 0.8

Andy Tai wrote:
> Hope the LSB can allow the name "GNU/Linux Standard
> Base"...

Thanks for the suggestion.

For those not deeply involved in Linux, the term GNU/Linux is
synonymic only to Debian. This is probably due to the fact that only
Debian uses the GNU/Linux terminology.

I have engaged the FSF on this issue, explaining that a new
construction is needed that can reference GNU without the /Linux in
the same string.

By the way, I really like your diagram:


This is really cool! However might I suggest that we burn all gifs?

Scott McNeil
Free Standards Group

Andy Tai wrote:
> Hope the LSB can allow the name "GNU/Linux Standard
> Base" to be used as an alternative name to the
> standard "Linux Standard Base." This will make Linux
> Standard Base stronger.
> (this is not meant for discussing "GNU/Linux" vs.
> "Linux".  this is about trying to unifying commonly
> used terms to bring the community together, where
> people of different opinions can work together.
> Similar cases like the debates Russians went though,
> with the result Russia is called, officially, both
> Russia and Russian Federation)
> --- Stuart Anderson <anderson@metrolink.com> wrote:
> >
> > Version 0.8 of the LSB specification has been
> > released.
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