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Re: We need you for the LSB v0.7.1 R-E-V-I-E-W

Hello There,

The link for the review page you give here does not seem to exist. I get
the following....  Not Found  -  The requested URL /lsbreview.html was
not found on this server  ... in my web browser, which is opera. I am
looking around for the equivalent page but see it right off. I will go
ahead and get the 'appchecker' and 'library checker' though.


Hope letting you know about this helps,

Jimmy Richards

On 26 Mar 2001 11:13:47 -0600, gk4@us.ibm.com wrote:
> We need all of you LSB email subscribers to take time out to review the LSB
> v0.7.1 written specification and application checker.   We need your eyes
> and talent to comb through the spec to find any errors and omissions.
> This review will last for a week, until Monday April 2nd, and the spec may
> progress from v0.7.1 to v0.8 during this period so that problems are not
> revisted.  Please use the provided URL to read the spec and file bug
> reports via Sourceforge (please don't send bug reports to the email lists
> for this review).
> http://www.linuxbase.org/lsbreview.html
> In conjunction with the LSB v0.7.1 written specification is the LSB v0.7.1
> application checker (lsbappchk) and library checker (lsblibchk).  Using the
> APIs that have been catalogued in the LSB database and used by the written
> spec, these utilities will check for the LSB readiness of applications or
> system libraries.
> ftp://lsb.sourceforge.net/pub/lsb/lsbdev/
> Please install the "lsbdev" package on your system, then test these
> utilities and libraries.   Use the same LSB review page above to file bug
> reports.
> George Kraft IV
> gk4@austin.ibm.com
> IBM Linux Technology Center
> FSG's Linux Standard Base
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