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Re: dbm symbols? In or out?

   From: Andreas Jaeger <aj@suse.de>
   Date: 15 Feb 2001 08:39:43 +0100

   > This is just the way we have things configured - some packages can use
   > various (incompatible) db interfaces.  And we won't even start on the
   > on-disk format incompatibilities...

   Since db3 AFAIK support db2, db1 and ndbm, it should be sufficient to
   settle to one interface - there's no need to document all of them.

That actually brings up a fairly significant work item; someone needs to
document the ABI for db3.  This is non-trivial, since not only are there
a lot of functions, many of these functions are accessed via function
pointers in the DB handle structure --- which means the layout of the DB
handle structure has to be defined, as well as all of the functions
called by it.

Also, the only documentation are some html pages on the SleepyCat web
page, which don't seem to be under any kind of version control.  So we
may need to get permission to copy the API specifications from
SleepyCat, and then transform them into ABI specs.

Anyone want to try to pick this up as an action item?  I almost
certainly won't have time to do it before the Fort Lauderdale

						- Ted

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