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Re: V4 [Partial withdrawal of PROPOSAL] Change Chapter 17 (cron)

> 	* There's a crontab entry for exim which fires every 30 minutes,
>           regardless of whether you have networking up (dumb, dumb,
>           dumb, dumb).  This causes the atime for the exim inode to be
>           modified, but worse yet, the fact that the crontab entry
>           specifies that the entry should run under the mail user, that
>           means that there are multiple syslog messages from the pam
>           message hitting /var/log/messages.  

Packaging error

	exim -bd -q30m


> If people really don't want cron.hourly, we can remove it at least for
> LSB 1.0.  But I would like to hear some other opinions about whether or
> not we should keep cron.hourly.  What do folks think?

I think it should be kept. I agree with the 'once at some point during each
hour' - which can be done by simple things like inode%60 for the minutes ;)

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