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Re: [PROPOSAL] (Ch.16 FHS) be more specific on file/dir permissions

>  I.   Write Permissions
>     1.  Directories
>       o The application must not depend on having directory write 
>         permission outside /tmp, /var/tmp and his home directory. 
		(language pedantry, not intended as a criticism)

>       o The application must not depend on owning these directories.
>       o The system may restrict directory write permissions for these 
>         directories by setting the "sticky bit" for them. 

	Including home ?

>         ( To prevent the application to remove "foreign" files, 
>           e.g. a empty .rhosts file owned by root.)

>     o   The system must grant the permissions needed to use them 
>         to all libraries, executables and data files mentioned in the 
>         LSB document, and included standards.

Stop a moment. Grant to whom ? Do I grant perl the ability to the shadow
password file for example ;)

> o   log in as user root 

'root' isnt always the name used. There may be multiple priviledge levels -
how about 'log in as a privileged user'

(3 .sigs deleted - maintenance suggested 8))


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