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Re: PROPOSAL: a common menu system.

Adrian Schroeter <adrian@suse.de> writes:

> On 29 May 2000, Frederic Lepied wrote:
> > I think it's  an error to use  files of an existant tool  (KDE in this
> > case) to implement  the menu system because you  cannot manipulate the
> > files globally.  For example, you cannot choose globally to not show a
> > sub hierarchy or to translate the hierarchy of sections...
> This is not a problem. you can add a line like
> NotVisible=fvwm
> and this entry is not visible for the fvwm. KDE/Gnome will ignore these
> lines, when they parse such a file. But it is not intended that they use
> this structure.

OK but you cannot move a section globally for KDE. This feature is really
important to allow to have compatibility between distributions and better
flexibility to the sysadmin.
Fred - May the source be with you

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