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Clarification in LSB SPEC 0.1 (cron) needed

Wenn reading  LSB SPEC 0.1, Chapter 15.1 i found a contradiction:
 This contradiction can be resolved in two ways:
 1. remove the directory 
 2. change the last quoted sentence to "more often then hourly".
 I am in favour of alternative #2
 -------------snippet from LSB  SPEC 0.1 --------
 Cron jobs 
 Packages may not touch the configuration file /etc/crontab, nor may
 they modify the files in /var/spool/cron/crontabs.
 If a package wants to install a job that has to be executed via cron,
 it shall place a file with the name if the package in one of the
 following directories:
             /etc/cron.hourly     -------------!!!!!!---------
 As these directory names say, the files within them are executed on a
 daily, weekly, or monthly basis, respectively.
 If a certain job has to be executed more frequently than `daily,' the
   !! hourly is more often then daily  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
 package shall install a file /etc/cron.d/<package-name> tagged as
 configuration file. 
 --------end LSB spec snippet---------------------------------

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